“Everyone prefers the kind of music which he came to know in childhood. Good taste developed early is difficult to ruin. Therefore, we must be careful about the first impressions. Their effects can be felt for a lifetime.” Zoltán Kodaly

The Kodaly Society of India or Kodaly India as popularly called, is an organisation of music pedagogues committed to music for everyone. Kodaly India is sharing the philosophy developed by Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly. Kodaly stated that music education is the right of every child. He established that a sequential, cumulative and developmental program, based on an aural-vocal approach and fun filled learning, is the most inclusive and effective way to develop musical literacy for people of all age groups.

Kodaly India teachers specialise in a number of areas of music education from birth through to seniors: parent and new born, babies, toddlers, playschools, kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, school classrooms, studio teaching, music class as well as choral, and instrumental activities.

The Kodaly Society of India teacher training certificates is offered by the organisation to students of early childhood music education, and teachers for Kodaly Society of India Music Teachers Training Program.

Vision Statement

Kodaly India’s vision is to create a musically literate society along with having good values in life. It is also to serve with truthfulness and trustworthiness as a centre of excellence for music education. Kodaly India aim to train, upgrade, empower and certify music educators and organisations committed to share music literacy with babies, children and adults through sequential, fun filled and developmental, and singing-based courses. Kodaly India courses are designed to create a love and passion for music and music making. Kodaly India provides opportunities for teachers and musicians to improve their teaching skills and assist them in jobs and placements. Kodaly India is sharing the importance of structured music education with various authorities and organisations and is working towards building a culturally strong country.


The objectives of Kodaly India’s playschool music class are to create a strong foundation for music education, life long love and passion for music and arts, build good values in life, assist in the development of children brain and help build a society of sensitive human beings and responsible citizens.