Welcome to Kodály Society of India

"To be concerned with the kindergarten and its music is not a minor pedagogical matter, but the very building of a nation." - Zoltán Kodály

Kodály Society of India is a national organisation of music educators with International affiliations and associations. Kodály Society of India is formed with the vision of upgrading, standardizing, and structuring music education in India and introduce music education in playschool and school curriculum. Kodály Society of India is creating awareness on the importance of music education during the developmental years of a child’s growth. Kodály Society of India trains and certify music teachers for children music education in playschools and schools. Kodály Society of India is successfully assisting music teachers with jobs, career opportunities and international exposures.

Zoltán Kodály expressed, "Let music belong to everyone!" This deep philosophy is the driving force of Kodály Society of India. Kodály India is working to transform India into cultural and positive country with sensitive citizens with good values.

“Everyone prefers the kind of music which he came to know in childhood. Good taste developed early is difficult to ruin. Therefore, we must be careful about first impressions. Their effects can be felt for a lifetime.” - Zoltán Kodály

Singing in tune

If one were to attempt to express the essence of music education in one word, it could only be - singing.

Singing Games

Only activity can lead someone to a real understanding and appreciation of music. Simply listening to music is not enough.

Rhythmic Skills

Beat is the life line and Rhythm is the skeleton of Music. Rhythm and Sound are born with Syllables.

Music Classes and Music Teacher Training in Kolkata

Kodaly India have dedicated classes for each course