“Everyone prefers the kind of music which he came to know in childhood. Good taste developed early is difficult to ruin. Therefore, we must be careful about the first impressions. Their effects can be felt for a lifetime.”
Zoltán Kodály


Musication, a joint effort by Kodaly Society of India and musiCEA, is India’s first School Music Program. Like all developed countries, structured music education should be an integral part of school curriculum in India. Music education help in developing skills required by the 21st century workforce such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, team work and more. Structured music education assists in evolution of young minds and provide students with positive energy, healthy social values and improved self-esteem.

“A ten year study, tracking more than 25000 students shows that music making and singing improves test scores significantly”. College Board of SAT Research.

“A McGill study found that pattern recognition and mental representation scores improved significantly for students given singing and music lessons over a three year period”.

Musication offers standardised and customisable Music Curriculum, which can be implemented in schools effectively and practically in India. The programs, based on the internationally acclaimed Kodaly System, are designed with the following main points in mind:

  • Learning as per Age
  • Systems of Assessment to track and monitor progress
  • Trained Music Educators
  • Talent identification and development
  • Structured system that is inclusive and responsive
  • Preparation of a foundation for a Musical Journey / Career

Researches by top international universities prove, Structured Music Education has a positive effect on the children brain development, which improve academic performances.

Musication is a comprehensive music education and evaluation program, which schools may implement in their existing school curriculum. 

Music, like language, is an accomplishment that distinguishes humans as a species.