All rhythmic training in the kindergarten must be in the context of songs and rhymes,
i.e. living music. Having children march in a circle to a drumbeat or while clapping is an unmusical exercise”
Katalin Forrai


The Kodaly Concept of music education starts at the age of three years. Steady beats are introduced through specially created rhymes. Children also receive the joy of playing games and making friends along with learning new words, languages, and arithmetic. Shy and introvert children gradually opens up and hyperactive children gradually strikes a balance. Children learn teamwork, leadership skills.

  1. Stepping in free space with steady beats
  2. Stepping in a line
  3. Stepping in a circle
  4. Beginning to think about motive length
  5. Making beat conscious
  6. Sing with teachers, occasionally, in a group, approximate pitches
  7. Playful motions alone, with the teacher or in a small group
  8. Octave distance, spatial demonstration
  9. Soft- loud relationship
  10. Differentiation between 2-3 sharply contrasting notes and instruments
  11. Listening with interest to the singing of the teacher
  12. Use of the drum