“If one were to attempt to express the essence of this education
in one word, it could only be – singing”
Zoltán Kodaly



The Kodaly Concept of music education expands during the age of four years. Pitches are introduced along with more rhythmic structures through specially created rhymes. Children are also introduced to Dynamics, Phrasings, and Articulation in a disguised approach. Social Skills, Motor Skills, Memory Power increases along with building a permanent joy for music. Singing Games are the key to a child’s musical development.


4 years old children still need to develop the skill to keep a steady beat

  1. Steady beat and melodic rhythm
  2. In tune singing with teacher’s initiation, individually, with the help of another child, together, good pronunciation
  3. Clapping, tapping, etc. rhythm of songs and rhymes
  4. Uniform movement and aesthetically pleasing game movements with the group
  5. Fast and slow speech, singing and movement
  6. Octave and fifth distance, spatial demonstration, same song, different pitches
  7. Recognition of Dynamics
  8. Introduction to different Tempo
  9. Finer distinctions among noise and instrument
  10. Several minutes of attentive listening to singing or instrument playing
  11. Use of drum and triangle