Mom Me Music

“Let us take our children seriously! Everything else follows this…
only the best is good enough for a child.”
Zoltán Kodály


We all know that everyone loves music, but are you aware of the fact that music is a complete education for a child’s developing brain? Your baby’s brain is filled with billions of neurons waiting to be connected through sensory stimulation. Music classes following Kodály Concept offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment. The activities and relationships you engage in there will develop and strengthen your baby’s neural pathways, enhance your growing parent-child bond, and help you understand the how’s and why’s of your baby’s development.

What is Mom Me Music?
Mom Me Music is a weekly 45-minute session for parent and child, the opportunity to make and enjoy music together in a fun and friendly setting.
Babies and children from birth to three years are eligible for Mom Me Music sessions.

What happens at Mom Me Music classes?
At Mom Me Music the main emphasis is on learning subconsciously through fun activities. Babies and children enjoy participating in circle games with parachutes, singing songs with puppets, tapping drums and shaking shakers with the group. Parent and child will learn a range of new bouncing and tickling songs, nursery rhymes and circle games that they can take away and enjoy at home too.

How does a child benefit?
The structured Kodály India method offers children a progressive journey through musical learning. Research in this area has shown that early musical activity can have huge benefits in many areas of child development including language, motor skills, memory and concentration. At Mom Me Music, a child is given access to these benefits whilst having fun and interacting with other children.

How does a parent benefit?
Mom Me Music session is not only an opportunity to develop parent and child relation, as you explore music together, but it is a chance for parents to meet and socialise with like-minded parents of other young children in a relaxed environment.

Who are the session conductors?
Mom Me Music session conductors are fully trained in the unique Kodály India method of early years music education, based on the teachings of Hungarian Composer and Educator Zoltán Kodály. KSI session conductors come from a variety of backgrounds but most are trained musicians or nursery teachers.