“Everyone prefers the kind of music which he came to know in childhood. Good taste developed early is difficult to ruin. Therefore, we must be careful about the first impressions. Their effects can be felt for a lifetime.”
Zoltán Kodaly

Kodaly India teaching certificate and diploma, have a unique edge in the job market. The skills and knowledge you gain earning these qualifications will help you be a leader in your profession, strengthening an entire school elementary music program.

Many passouts go on to share their knowledge with other educators through professional conference, presentations, workshops, and publications. Considered an advanced, specialized teacher training, Kodaly India teaching certificate and diploma is a highly sought-after attribute in the profession.

Completion of this unique program can also reveal leadership opportunities throughout regional, state, and national music teaching organizations. Teachers can work in Music Schools, Academic Schools, Play Schools and can also open own schools and organisations. Teachers also have the scope of working part time and full time, at single or multiple locations.

Along with huge earning potential, an educator is playing an active role in building the nation. Kodaly educators receive plenty of love, respect and admiration. Flexible work timings also allow them with enough time for different activities. Kodaly India educators are a part of the international league of Kodaly educators and organisations, thus there is a huge scope for international exchanges and international jobs.