"Teaching in schools will improve if we first train good teachers!”
Zoltán Kodály



Teachers play the most important role in building a society. It is true for music teachers too. Teachers develop the student's ear, voice, and instrument playing skills, provide a comprehensive musical knowledge and install love and passion for music. For this reason, a properly trained pool of music educators are required, who has a good selection of music either specifically created or from music from one’s own culture, which will be readily available for children and beginners".

Qualified music teachers will showcase:

  • Love and compassion for children
  • Actively support in the development of the child
  • Proper music training aimed at teaching the children
  • Clear concepts of music theory
  • High on motivation and purpose
  • Ability to give and share

Prerequisite for a Kodály Music Teacher

  • Love children and feel comfortable spending time with them.
  • Enthusiasm for singing, activities and ability to motivate students.
  • Ability to sing in tune and rhythm.
  • Playing instruments though not compulsary will provide added benefits.
  • Open to learn new concepts and ideas.
  • Prepared to explore and innovate.
  • A patient, positive, compassionate and encouraging approach.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Lot of energy, self-motivation and organisational skills.
  • Polite yet firm, diciplined, playful and punctual.