Singing Classes

Singing class following the Kodály principles are extremely interesting and effective. Music educators in Europe evolved a system of hand signs. Kodály worked on a concept of movable “do”. Combining this two, learning to sing is simplified.

Hand signs are used to demonstrate tonal relationships.
Like instrument players, singers don’t have any reference point. Hand signs are used in order for the singer to “visualize” what the note or tone is doing. Is it going down? Is it going up? Or is it staying at the same pitch? Instrument players, can see what their fingers are doing. The singer’s instrument, vocal cord, is inside the body. So, the use of hand signs can be very advantageous, especially to the “beginner”.

The moveable “do” is practiced.

The moveable “do” system is utilized through the use of the “do” clef. The “do” clef is simply a sign that is placed whereever the tonic of each scale is. In other words, the beginning student need not be concerned that “c” is the starting pitch in C Major, until they are “ready” to have that information. It makes singing easy for the beginner. C in C Major would simply be called “do”. Using a fixed “do” system is always called middle C, “do”.

Books on Singing Lessons

Kodály wrote several books for beginners to advanced students of singing. The books are elaborate and covers stick notation and staff notation. He specifically composed exercises and technical studies keeping in mind the developmental stages of a singer. From the first lesson both rhythm and pitches are practiced. This creates a solid foundation for any form of singing activity.

Content of Singing lessons

The objective of a systematic singing course will assist in sight singing and inner singing. This process very effectively helps to build a solid foundation for Solo singing, singing in choir, singing in recording studios and public singing. The system is extremely helpful for school students as they mostly sings in groups. The content help singers of all languages and various musical styles including Indian Popular, Bollywood, Indian Classical, Folk, Bengali, Hindi and different regional languages. Rabindra Sangeet and Bollywood students, teachers and performers will be immensely benefited with the Kodály singing course. It will help them to be very good singers technically and musically.